Stepwest Stories – Andrea from Mexico and her Study & Work in Vancouver

July 4, 2018
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Have you ever thought about living and working in Canada? By participating in our Business Essentials or College & Internship programs you can do just that! Immerse yourself in a College program that will allow you to work and travel while gaining work experience abroad and improving English skills—getting the ultimate Canadian experience! Study and work in Canada is available to anyone even if your country has an agreement with International Experience Canada or not, so you get your work experience guaranteed! This is exactly what our Stepwest Stories Star did! She’s sharing her study and work in Vancouver experience with us!

Only arriving in Vancouver three months ago, our next Stepwest Star is already immersing herself in the ultimate Canadian experience. Meet Andrea, a 26 year old from Saltillo, Mexico who graduated with a degree in International Relations at Monterrey Institute of Technology and was looking for a change in her life!

Andrea has been working in her field since 2013, even before she graduated from University! Since the first moment you meet her, she radiates positive energy and motivation and we’ve had the pleasure of being in touch with her for quite sometime! We are so proud of her success since arriving to Vancouver! 

This young girl has dreams of working for a big company in the future, doing either Human Resources or Communications work and knows her experience in Canada will give her an advantage when she pursues future projects in her career! In just a short amount of time, she is already getting the full Canadian experience by working, studying, and volunteering in Vancouver which will boost her resume and make her stand out amongst competition, not only in Mexico once she is back, but anywhere she decides to go next. By participating in our College Program, including a work co-op experience she knows the experience will be extremely worthwhile and is excited for the rest of her Canadian adventure! We were lucky enough to hear more about her experience so far. Check it out below! 

Improving her English skills & growing as a professional abroad! 

Andrea understands the importance of improving her English communication skills because it’s a tool you need to have in every job and country you work in. By going to College in Canada, she needs to speak English all day long! She frequently does presentations in class and she has learned to not be as nervous or scared to talk to classmates because they are all in the same position as her. Now she is not afraid to present a marketing plan in English in front of a group of 20 people at her College, something that could have looked scary the first day she started her classes in Vancouver! 

She also works part-time at a local shoe store in Gastown, one of the most touristy areas of Vancouver, where she interacts with different customers, from different countries every day. The experience has not only allowed her to gain confidence with her language skills by listening to different accents, but it has also strengthened her customer service, marketing and business related skills as well. She is not only working at the shop attending clients, but also getting involved with the business, giving ideas to improve the process and working behind the scenes. At the end of the day, she is a business girl! Andrea explains that, “practice is key” if you want to improve your English and getting experience in your career, even though you can feel shy at the beginning, you have to face your fears and go for it and she does this by working and studying in Vancouver! Just after three months in Canada, she says that she feels already way more confident with her English and the job she is doing! 

Advice for studying and working in Canada

Andrea’s advice for people looking at doing a study and work in Canada would be to “be positive and openminded” and “don’t have too many expectations.” You don’t know what to expect when you land in Canada, so being open minded helps you enjoy the experience more! She has learned to

“live in the moment, do your best and good things will come”

which has allowed her to make the most out of her experience and not be afraid to try new things. On top of her College studies and her part-time job in Vancouver, she swims at a local pool everyday, and volunteers at a Latin association that helps new businesses in British Columbia in her spare time. She is definitely a busy girl, but knows that every single experience that she will have in Vancouver will matter for her career, so she is making the most out of her time!

Andrea was also really glad to have Stepwest guide her through the process of coming to study and work in Canada. While in Mexico, she has the security that she was working with a Recognized Organization by the Government of Canada and on top of that she worked with our colleague Carolina, so they both were able to work together in Spanish preparing all the requirements and making her application a success. Now, in Vancouver, she has security knowing that there is always someone to help her with anything. She explains that its reassuring to know someone is always there for you, and to help with not just getting your program confirmed and your work and study permits, but recommendations and tips about the city as well.

Best part of Canada

Andrea lives downtown Vancouver, which is super convenient as she can walk to her College classes, her job, get her groceries, go shopping and do all her daily activities. Her favourite thing to do is walk everywhere because she loves how diverse every street is and how international everyone is in Canada. Her favourite spots in the city are Gastown and the Seawall especially near Yaletown! 

She’s enjoying exploring Vancouver and hoping to see more of Canada as her time goes on. Andrea will be living and woking in Canada for the next 12 months, so she knows that she must visit the Canadian Rockies, maybe this summer? 

Thank you to this fun-loving beauty for sharing her story with us! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! 

Have you ever been interested in working, studying or travelling in Canada? Why not do all three? Our Education programs allow you to do just that! Immerse yourself in Canadian culture while working, studying, and traveling in Canada and get the ultimate Canadian experience! Want to learn more? Contact us and we will help get your Canadian adventure started!

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