The Benefits of Doing An Environmental Internship Abroad in Canada

If you love the great outdoors and don’t want a career sitting behind a desk, an environmental internship abroad will give you all the tools to launch your dream career. How? You’ll learn about the environmental issues affecting our planet while gaining global experience in your career field. Not forgetting developing the global mindset necessary to drive change. So, if you are passionate about protecting the planet, trade in the classroom for an impactful internship in Canada’s wilderness. Read on to see how…

World-renowned environmental NGOs, such as Greenpeace and the David Suzuki Foundation, are based in Vancouver.

Three Reasons to Pick Canada for Your Environmental Internship Abroad

Fun fact: Canada is the second-largest country in the world, yet 75% of the population lives within 100 miles of the US border. That’s a whole lot of wilderness. Canada is also one of the most multicultural nations in the world and a global hub for a wealth of industries. As for natural landscapes, you simply can’t beat Canada.

Where are we going with this? Read on to see three reasons why you should pick Canada for your environmental internship abroad:


Swap the classroom for the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes. From the towering Rockies to old-growth rainforests and arctic wonderlands, and equally enthralling wildlife (think: bears, wolves, moose, orcas, whales… the list goes on). All in the name of research.


Canada’s green economy is booming. So much so that Medicorp Canada Inc., the nation’s largest publisher, spearheaded a yearly competition to recognize the green employers taking incremental steps to promote environmental awareness. Now in its 15th year, ‘Canada’s Green Employers’ reviews the companies across Canada that are spearheading sustainability programs and initiatives. The takeaway? Work for a company that shares the same values.


Just to hammer home the point, having a global mindset is paramount. Luckily, Canada is home a global workforce. Global cities like Toronto and Vancouver are the most multicultural cities in the world. Toronto is also a leader in a multitude of industries (from tech to finance); while Vancouver is a world leader in green business, not to mention being on the doorstep of BC’s beautiful wilderness.

Students majoring in biological sciences, environmental policy, earth and environmental studies, urban planning, or related fields, will have a leg up on the competition.

Environmental Internship Program Types

Canada’s environmental internship opportunities are wide-ranging; unsurprising, given the size of the country. Whether you’re interested in an environmental engineering or a sustainability internship abroad; wildlife protection, or anything in between, we’ll find you an environmental internship to suit your interests. Check out a few of the most popular programs:

Environmental Engineering Internships

Canada is one of the top countries in the world to study environmental engineering, so it comes as no surprise that this country also attracts leading experts in the field. Work on developing sustainable and green solutions to the challenges facing our society.

Studying environmental science or marine biology? You could intern in marine conservation, environmental law or environmental conservation.

Environmental Science Internships

Canada’s identity is rooted in its natural environment. Therefore, tackling raising issues of environmental sustainability is paramount. Gain hands-on experience in protecting our earth’s air, water, wildlife, and natural resources. We offer both private and not-for-profit environmental science internships across Canada.

Work on projects to reduce waste, implement recycling plans, combat food waste and increase food donation.

Renewable Energy Internships

In today’s interconnected world, transport isn’t going anywhere. Therefore, renewable energy is essential to building a sustainable future.

An internship in renewable energy will enable you to work on projects aiming to improve alternative transportation and trip reduction. You can work on the expansion of electric vehicle travel, work on solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote energy efficiency.

Develop leadership skills and gain project management experience while applying your knowledge working on tackling environmental and sustainability issues.

Plus, a Whole Lot More…

If you are focused on urban planning, you can work with architects and urban planners to shape a new neighbourhood. If wildlife conservation is your focus, you can get hands-on experience across a range of wildlife conservation-focused efforts. Studying marketing? You could put your skills to work promoting green events.

There are endless opportunities for environmental internships in Canada. So much so, that picking the right environmental internship to suit your interests can be half the challenge. That’s where we come in…

Stepwest Impact Internship Program

Our Impact Internship Program provides you with a hands-on learning experience that will help you work towards greater social, economic and environmental sustainability.

We offer environmental internships that will allow you to explore unique ecosystems and stunning areas across Canada – all while building your resume. Our singular aim is to give you the best possible experience to help you grow and develop both professionally and personally. Therefore, we get to know you, your passions and interests and match you with an environmental internship to suit your goals.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in moving to Canada for your environmental internship abroad? Get in touch to learn more about our Impact Internship Program.


How do I apply for an environmental internship in Canada?

Check out our internship visa eligibility page to see the specific internship visa requirements, however, to briefly summarize:

  • Registered as a student in your home country
  • You are from an International Experience Canada (IEC) country
  • Between 18 and 35 years old
  • Available for at least two months

What if I don’t have experience in environmental studies?

If you do not have any previous experience, you will need to show employers your strengths and transferable skills from other roles.

This is an internship, so if you have taken environmental classes at University or have had experience volunteering, you always should mention it to show your genuine interest in the field!

When should I apply for an environmental internship in Canada?

Start sooner rather than later!

If you’re searching for your internship during the school year, it’s best to get on applying six months prior so you can do all the steps required to secure your internship visa for Canada!